Thursday, September 23, 2010

Arc Lamp - First Craigslist Purchase

We sold our old bedroom furniture on Craigslist, but I had never really bought anything.  I got my inspiration from Nuestra Vida Dulce, where she does a Craigslist search called what's good in your hood.  She happened to find an arc lamp in her search that day.  I hadn't even thought of looking on Craigslist before that.  That very second, I checked and what would you know, an arc lamp listed for $125.  I sent a text to the seller and was on my way to see it the next day.  I loved it.  Slight problem, it's huge.  How the heck would it fit in my small SUV.  My husband tried unscrewing it, and ripped up his hands in the process.  At this point, it's about 9:15 p.m.  The only to an Open Late Home Depot and get a plumbers wrench to unscrew the lamp.  My loving, sweet husband did just that (with just some slight complaining).  We were back in 35 minutes loading the lamp in my car.  I love it.  Here it is in my family room. 

Now to see the swatches on my wall?


Joi 9/24/2010  

Ahhh! This is absolutely fabulous!!! I am so happy you scored one! I'm still on the lookout for one.

: )

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