Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Loving Dark

It's not a secret that I love white.  My house is full of white, the walls, furniture, kitchen, etc.  However, I've been drawn to dark features lately.  Charcoals, blacks, chalkboard colored walls are calling me.  Here are some lovely examples of what I mean.
Anthropolgie Pinterest
 I love this island and the color is amazing.
Apartment Therapy found on  Pinterest
I love this bold wall treatment.
Via Pinterest (could not locate original source)
This nursery is amazing.  The chalkboard wall is so perfect and mixed with yellow...well, you know my love of yellow.
Bowdenisms via Pinterest
I'm loving what a statement these dark features can make.  I may have to add some into my house.


jeanette from everton terrace 11/08/2011  

I'm the same as you! White house, white kitchen etc. I think living in the hot climate of Phoenix makes me enjoy the cool feeling of white but I do adore the bold richness of black. I had a black wall in my last house, loved it. I've been thinking about a giant schoolroom type chalkboard in our dining room. Husband isn't on board just yet :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper 11/08/2011  

i am a very light person when it comes to what i surround myself with, but i love dark in small doses- bathrooms and closets and places that i don't always see! but i love the look dark wall provide- moody sultriness... so awesome!

Holly 11/08/2011  

You're so right - we're seeing lots of black and dark woods. I like it. A friend from one of my classes was asking an opinion on black appliances - I said do it! We'll probably all want black appliances in 5 years.

Lisa @ Turning Tables 11/08/2011  

I love the look of dark too. Since I am renting, I can't really do too much painting (or scratch that, I could, but I don't want to paint it all back when/if we move), but I love the stylish edge it gives to a space. Especially with light accesories (bedding, dressers, etc.). And you and I share an affinity for yellow!!! :) Again, I am in love with your style...completely!

Josh Healy 11/08/2011  

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Amy of The Salvage Collection 11/09/2011  

ha! too funny to visit your blog (on your cousin's rec!) and find that you and posted about dark walls this week! i'm sooooo tempted... esp when i see the cool chalk-drawn headboard!!

off to read some more....


allenaim photography and design 11/16/2011  

That island rocks my socks - LOVE it!

Susan 12/08/2011  

I totally agree with you black need to use very carefully in the interior. I was always scare fully black interior. But I love the combination of light walls and dark floors it very beautiful and elegant

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