Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Organization Begins

So I mentioned in my last post about my secret messes.  Well, I got a good one for you today.  I ask that you do not judge me. I swear, we are organized and very clean.  This is just what my life had become.  Hence, my spice drawer...
This is not staged, this is for real. Every time a spice is needed, you have to lift everyone to see what they are, the Penzey spice bags are thrown around depending what was under them. 
I've got a new love for mason jars. I love the uniformity and the size options available.  So I sorted through my spices. Got rid of the ones that expired in 2008 and those containing any gluten/wheat/emulsifiers in them and here is my new beloved spice drawer.  Everything is uniform and labeled on top.  I used the half-pint regular mouth jars for the smaller spices and  quart wide mouth jars for the bigger spices.  I found the jars in packs of twelve at Publix.  Oh, I'm actually excited about cooking dinner tonight.
I considered painting the lids with chalkboard paint to make it that much cuter, but I figured the chalk would rub off.  Have you used mason jars to organize? I've got some more mason jar organization in the works.  My kitchen counter looks like if I'm actually canning something, full of jars and lids and all kinds of mess.  I'm in an organizing out.


Cassie Bustamante 2/29/2012  

come on over to my house- that mess was NOTHING compared to what lurks in my cabinets and drawers.... muah ha ha!

Pam Seals 2/29/2012  

What a great idea.
I just rescued mason jars off the clearance shelf at walmart made by BHG. I really did not have a direction for them,but this fabulous.

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} 2/29/2012  

I am on an organizing mission this month! I love a spice drawer or cabinet all lined up and matching! I am going to do a couple features on organizing this month can I use your spice drawer?

Lisa @ Turning Tables 3/01/2012  

It looks so awesomely organized!!!! I live mason jars too. :)

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