Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Joys of Homeownership

The weather here in South Florida has been anything but sunny the past few weeks.  There was a crazy storm last Friday night.  We went over to a friends house and drank some wine and hung out.  We headed home in the rain and went to bed.  I woke up relatively early on Saturday and started picking up a bit.  I looked out my backdoor and saw this.  I thought to myself...damn storm is going to make me have to pick up branches and chairs in my yard.  As I looked closer, I screamed...I can see the street.  I ran screaming through the house and woke up my husband.  It put me in a foul mood (which could be why I didn't blog all week).
Look at the mess.
Yea, that's my fence.  The one we replaced when our old fence came tumbling down after Hurricane Katrina.
I ran out to my front yard and found this on our side yard.
Here's the view from across the street.  Yes, that's a huge tree resting on our fence.
Up close...
We worked on it Saturday afternoon.  Our dad's came to help and we got it down in a little over an hour.
Here's a view of my backyard from the street.  Remember, my family room has no window treatments.  Fun.
I never really liked that tree.  It was pretty randomly placed on the side yard.  Our house has quite a few mature trees, so I guess one less is OK.  Now, to fix that fence. 


Maury @ Life on Mars 10/18/2011  

Bummer! At least you seem to have a good attitude about it, but still... BUMMER.

Chelsea @ two twenty one 10/18/2011  

Ah yes, the joys of home ownership. At least you got some help to clean it up. Stinks about your fence though.

Ali Richardson 10/18/2011  

Ugghhhhhh!!!! Freakin' tree!!!

Lisa @ Turning Tables 10/18/2011  

OMG!!!!! Boo on that!! Glad the tree wasn't your favorite, but STILL!! So annoying! Your poor fence!! (and wallet!). Stay safe during storm-ville (and away from trees apparently!!). :/

Cassie Bustamante 10/18/2011  

oh man i am so so sorry! we lived through katrina, so i know all about that and storms... i tend to have a track record for hurricanes gravitating towards me, really. what a bummer, but it will be ok, and thank goodness for family and thank goodness you were all safe.

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