Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Abstract Art

I was raised in a very art filled house.  My mom is an art teacher and my dad is an architect turned artist.  Somehow, it took this little blog of mine to get my creativity going.  My sister wanted some art for her house.  We started with a canvas from Michael's that we painted with blue house paint. 
I somehow mangaged to not get a single picture of us in the process.  I used some of the leftover Decoart paint which I love.
I just dragged a paintbrush over the canvas.  I love the mix of some of the metallic paints.  The day after we did the painting, she found this little vase at Target.  It's like if we would've planned it.
I kind of improvised as I painted. We had no real plan or idea, but it seemed to work.  I'm loving it and my sister does too.  We had my nephew on his own canvas as we painted, which was great.  What do you all think?
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Cassie Bustamante 10/05/2011  

love the colors in it!
here it is moving day, and i am cramming some blog time in before i am without internet! ;)

Maury @ Life on Mars 10/05/2011  

This looks great! It makes me want to try it! Great job!

Kristin Miracle Lewis @ west on cole 10/05/2011  

You are talented! You definitely received the artistic gene from your mother.

I could never accomplish such a great mix of colors together.

Dara M. 10/05/2011  

Oh, I love the canvas. It looks like an expensive work of art! I might have to pin it to Pinterest as a craft to make.

Ali Richardson 10/05/2011  

GORGEOUS!!! I love it! Doesn't it feel good to let loose on a canvas?! Awesome!

Suzy 10/05/2011  

That looks great! I love the metallic. I just posted a canvas I painted earlier this week. It was so fun to create something new!

Lisa @ Turning Tables 10/05/2011  

So pretty and it looks effortless!! Nice job. I am envious of your artistic talent :)
(quick unrelated question - a while back, you had bought the Flokati rug from Ikea, right? How is it holding up? Does it shed as much as you were warned it would? I am contemplating it for the nursery!! :) )

A room with a view 10/06/2011  

That is very impressive artwork..the target vase and the artwork were meant to be!

Unknown 10/07/2011  

came out really great!

RhettDidntGiveADamn 10/07/2011  

You did a wonderful job and I love abstract art but I'm too afraid to try it! (new follower here!)

Unknown 10/09/2011  

It's so beautiful and the colors go so great with that vase. I've seen it and admired it. come visit me-

A Vintage Vine 10/10/2011  

I like it!!! Abstract art has become a favorite of mine..I need to try making some...Last yr. I volunteered in my daughters room. I gave art presentations once a month...Jackson Pollock become my fav.!

Sherry 10/13/2011  

That is so creative, I'm gonna have to give it a shot. I'm your newest follower...drop by when you have a chance.

Unknown 10/16/2011  

I'm giving you the Versatile reward! Great work!!

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse 11/09/2011  

Beautiful! This doesn't even look DIY'd. :)

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