Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stencil Project Complete

I've been eyeing stencils for a while, but thought it was way too much work for me.  When my sister realized that the wallpaper she wanted would cost her about $1,500 for one wall, I had to stop her.  Actually, this was before she decided to randomly move to Paris and find herself, and money wasn't really an issue.  So in the end, choosing a stencil was the perfect idea.  Here is an incredible inspiration photo.
Via Pinterest
We purchased the Donatella Damask from  Royal Design Studio. thanks to Vintage Revivals.  Mandi is a huge inspiration and her incredible tutorials.  We bought this one at 10% off.
We started with this giant wall with a fresh coat of paint.
We placed the stencil on the wall and painted. We used a small foam roller and tried to dry off as much paint as possible before rolling.
The small markers were so helpful in helping us place the stencil in the next spot for painting.
Here is the wall with the easiest parts done.  The edges were difficult as we had to bend and contort the stencil to fit the walls.
We found that having a fan to help dry the stencil was essential.  Although we would wipe off the stencil after each round, it still needed to fully dry before we placed it on the wall.
Here it is. 

We used a Martha Stewart metallic sheen paint for the stencil.  It gave the perfect amount of sheen to the wall.  Although, it took us like four painting marathons, it was completely worth the time and effort. The wall is beautiful.  Have you stenciled before?  It's one of those projects, that kills you while doing it, but is so worth it in the end.  My sister's wall is gorgeous. 
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Cassie Bustamante 11/01/2011  

WOW. that is awesome! and you are patient, my friend- that was hard work!

Jill Browning 11/01/2011  

It looks great! Your sister's a lucky girl!!

Chelsea @ two twenty one 11/01/2011  

That looks AMAZING! Fabulous job!

Unknown 11/02/2011  

Alucsinanteeee!!! Wou, this is beyond Chic!!! Congrats it looks better than a fancy expensive wallpaper!!! XoXo

Ali Richardson 11/02/2011  

Holy Cr*p! That looks AMAZING!!!!

Unknown 11/02/2011  

It's really beautiful! I've been wanting to try that metallic paint for a while now.

Unknown 11/02/2011  

Oh my I love this! I'm way too scared to try to stencil a whole wall. Yours looks amazing! I want to try a stencil on some furniture pieces first... :)

Tara Lauren 11/02/2011  

It looks amazing! I am way to scared to try that on my own walls but i commend you!

Lesley 11/02/2011  

Oh my gosh! That's incredible!
I used a stencil like that once on a wall half the size and it took days. You are a trooper!

Ryan K 11/02/2011  

WOW, looks amazing!

melanie 11/02/2011  

GAWJUS baby! You work so hard while preserving through it all J! It looks fantastic. I would like to be the one renting her place while she's 'creating who she really is' in Paris. Ive check in with her blog a few times. She seemingly is enjoying her blessing! So happy for you both! Cheers!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) 11/02/2011  

Great job! I love it! I am so glad I read this post. I am about to do my first stencil project soon! :) I'm scared, but excited!

alyssa Haws 11/02/2011  

I've been think about do stenciling in metalic paint in my master bedroom. Seeing how awesome your wall looks gives me the extra boost of confidence I need to tackle my room. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous,  11/02/2011  

Wow! What a change! I love it :)

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

michelle@decorandthedog 11/02/2011  

Beautiful! I just finished a stencil project of my own! Time consuming but worth it!!

Tamsyn 11/02/2011  

WOW! The end result is amazing!! I'm going to try stenciling my pantry soon, I hope mine turns out even half as good as yours :)

Anonymous,  11/03/2011  

Beautiful! I love stencils. I am working on stenciling a 1/2 bath right now...the corners are a pain to work around! I love how the metallic paint looks =)
Stopping by from YHL...

Aja 11/03/2011  

WHOA. SO gorgeous!!! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try this, though I really, really want to! Beautiful job!


Lisa @ Turning Tables 11/03/2011  

SO SO SO amazing. I am in complete awe of your patience and effort. SO beautiful!!! Nice work!

A Vintage Vine 11/03/2011  

Looks wonderful...I just finished a stencil too. Much cheaper than wallpaper for sure, you and your sis did a perfect job!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 11/06/2011  

Holy WOW! It seriously looks amazing. Totally worth the time & effort.

Anonymous,  11/06/2011  

Beautiful! I don't know if I would ever have enough patience to take this on, but you did an amazing job! BTW, I am not sure if you know this, but FF is having their big sale on November 11 and 12th. I'm going in search of a new side-table... and whatever else I find :)

Anonymous,  11/06/2011  

Wow! I am so impressed with your patience! I think it turned out beautifully!!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles 11/08/2011  

That is absolutely gorgeous. I was just thinking of doing something like that on the backs of my bookshelves...this could be a winner! Nice job.

Jennifer 11/11/2011  

I love it!! You did a fantastic job! I was eyeing that paint in Home Depot and now I'm convinced it's what my powder room needs. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm your newest follower and I would love it if you linked up your cool wall to my party!


Unknown 11/15/2011  

that looks gorgeous!!!


Caterine 11/15/2011  

i love it...i wish I had as much patience to actually tackle this! Looks so good!


the poor sophisticate 11/28/2011  

I adore all the posts you do! Thanks for sharing your inspiring designs! I am excited to be your newest follower! Have a blessed day!

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