Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DIY: Tissue Paper Ornament

I had this little bag of tissue paper squares that I picked up in a garage sale and this Styrofoam ball from my love birds project.  I love the colors of the tissue paper.  

First step, wrinkle the tissue paper in small balls/puffs.
 Second step, attach the balls/puffs to the ball with hot glue. 

 Cut a ribbon to size and glue the tip at any point in the ball.  I also used two safety pins for added security.

And here it is. The colors are fun and really cute, even though they don't match any of my other decorations.  My goal is to fill this stand with handmade ornaments.  Oh yeah, I have to paint the stand too. 

Here's a little sneak peak at something I'm working on. Hopefully, I will have this project done by tomorrow.

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Jenn 12/08/2010  

So crafty and bright! Very cute :)

Sandy Ang 12/09/2010  

Fun, colourful and easy to make !

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